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Your agency needs answers and solutions that equip you to be technology-forward without compromising legacy operations and public safety. RS&H’s emerging technology experts deliver a phased-implementation approach that can be scaled to meet your agency’s unique needs and budget.

This phased approach empowers you with a low-cost, low-risk option to get started with Smart Mobility. It allows you to gradually create small scale, technology-agnostic, tailored deployments of advanced traffic and connectivity infrastructure to evaluate new concepts and applications prior to larger-scale implementation.

This approach allows your staff to build in-house technical literacy and to implement new operations as part of a comprehensive, long-term plan. Each phase of the program will be modular, scalable, interoperable, and fully-integrated as part of a system that can be deployed quickly.

Your agency will not have to start from scratch in developing backend systems that are both compatible with federal interoperability guidelines and scalable to accommodate the rapid anticipated future growth of Smart City infrastructure. New deployments will leverage Smart Connector designs for transportation infrastructure to establish end-to-end connectivity and power a robust ecosystem for Smart Mobility that is forward and backward compatible and supports your agency’s needs for advancing both planning and operations.

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