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Reaching for the Stars

As the United States began its foray into space, RS&H walked hand-in-hand and supported every NASA launch since the Apollo missions and numerous U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) missions.

Fast forward to today, built upon a rich history of successful projects, RS&H focuses on designing innovative and resilient infrastructure and buildings for public and commercial space missions that continue to inspire humanity and unravel the mysteries of the universe.

At RS&H, our integrated teams specialize in engineering, architectural design, analysis, planning, construction management, testing, and activation support. Our experience covers a variety of critical infrastructure needs for satellites, cryogenic and unique propellants, clean rooms, secure facilities, and vehicles, from small missiles, human space flight vehicles, on orbit habitats, up to colossal rockets like the Space Launch System (SLS) to be used in the Artemis mission to return to the moon.

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Aerospace Projects

As a valued partner with NASA since the 1960s, RS&H started the project with a contract for HVAC repairs, which blossomed into laboratory repairs, laboratory design, and a master plan that would consolidate the ARES division from six buildings down to two.


NASA Kennedy Space Center entrusted RS&H to vet the feasibility of and design modifications to the Space Launch System (SLS) Mobile Launcher. The 355-foot-tall mobile launcher is designed to support the assembly, testing, check out, and servicing of NASA’s SLS rockets, as well as transfer the rockets to the pad.


RS&H studied and designed renovations to the Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center Firing Rooms, where launch operations are supervised and controlled. Maintaining operations during construction was also essential, as several shuttle launches took place during the renovation.


RS&H designed a shaker support stand for the Orion random vibration shaker test. The design incorporates a heavy duty commercially available gantry crane as the primary shaker support stand structure.


Focus Areas & Services

Spaceport Planning & Licensing

Whether your planned spaceport is a green field site or the evolution of an existing airport/launch site, RS&H can help turn your concept into reality. New suborbital, vertically, and horizontally launched spacecraft enable suborbital adventure tourism and may soon provide point-to-point rapid transportation of goods and passengers. New orbital spacecraft, launchers, and on-orbit systems are driving a new renaissance in low Earth orbit (LEO) and beyond. Our teams can guide communities, states, private entities, national governments, and/or airport officials through the process of becoming a licensed Federal Aviation Administration spaceport and generating long-term market demand-centric infrastructure and organizational master plans. We support spaceport development for state and federal space agencies, space entrepreneurs, large defense contractors, and forward-thinking municipalities and aviation authorities.

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