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Planning for the Future

Paving the way for a more inclusive and connected future where everyone can thrive begins with meticulous planning. In our ever-evolving world, quality of life is determined by the ability to manage complex systems for transportation, urban form, and natural resources. Success requires an integrated team of professionals with a sophisticated understanding of these systems.

At RS&H, we leverage decades of problem-solving expertise to create planning services that are laser-focused on project objectives and client goals across diverse markets. We don’t just get it done; we get it done right. Our planning services include:

  • Highway
  • Transit
  • Multi-modal
  • Environmental
  • Urban
  • Regional
  • Aviation
  • Real estate
  • Corporate investment
  • Aerospace and defense

RS&H is ready to partner with you to help achieve your goals.

Planning Projects

Working with SLCDA, RS&H prepared a comprehensive master plan for SLC and a system plan for all three airports to define a coordinated path for development of all SLCDA’s airport facilities.


The Sawgrass Expressway opened in 1988 but fell three miles short of I-95, forcing vehicles destined for I-95 to utilize the local road networks, including SW 10th Street. Since the original studies, several unsuccessful attempts were made throughout the decades to make this three-mile connection.  


RS&H led design for the renovation of Concourse D and the existing U.S. Customs Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility and public area finishes, allowing the Airport to improve operational efficiency and enhance the level of service for passengers.


RS&H's team provides complete expertise for all aspects of San Antonio’s mobility goals, from urban planning and design to placemaking to preliminary engineering and final design. Our approach identified various unique approaches and enhancements to this study.


Focus Areas

Funding & Grant Procurement

The robust recent injection of federal investment into the country’s infrastructure has allowed organizations to tap into much-needed project funding. RS&H has a history of successfully assisting clients with proactively securing funding and financing for important projects. We also develop analyses and tools for identifying and implementing improvements that maximize impact, allowing our clients to make the most out of their limited budgets and resources.

  • Capital Programming and Priority Systems
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Investment Decision Support Tools
  • Short and Long-Term Financial Analysis

Land & Site Development

RS&H’s Land Development Services are focused on community, corporate, commercial/retail and industrial clients. The RS&H Team works closely with our clients to meet their specific needs within the framework of their overall goals. The RS&H Team relies on innovative tools and software packages to ensure compatibility with the surrounding community and incorporates a strong focus on sustainable development and practices. Our professionals provide the following innovative planning and engineering services: 

  • Real estate brokerage/GIS mapping 
  • Entitlements and due diligence 
  • Master planning and project theming 
  • Civil engineering and permitting 
  • Landscape architecture 
  • Construction administration 

Master Planning

The master planning capabilities of RS&H are well documented throughout the overall region RS&H serves. Master planning is a process that begins with the client and the ability to represent an approach that encapsulates the diverse needs of the client as they consider their future alternatives. RS&H’s multidisciplinary background provides clients with a comprehensive perspective that allows the creative planning process to flourish and arrive at a solution that utilizes the myriad opportunities, constraints and relationships of the community, cultural, and environmental resources.

Public Involvement

Implementing a public involvement program that fully engages citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers is integral to the success of any major planning or infrastructure endeavor. RS&H has designed and carried out numerous successful public involvement and stakeholder coordination programs that support local, state, and federal agencies on a variety of initiatives ranging from comprehensive regional and sector plans to neighborhood studies. Because of their high level of influence, we identify and meet with major stakeholders in the first stages of project development to understand their concerns and craft solutions. Our goal is to turn stakeholders into project champions by enlisting them as partners and allowing them to help shape the proposed solutions.

We use innovative methods such as interactive tools and guided tours that make public involvement fun and relevant, which builds connection between our clients and their constituents. Our team employs state-of-the-art visualization technology to help communicate complex planning, engineering, and environmental concepts in understandable formats tailored to busy public audiences. Our team is also committed to ensuring that members of all communities, including Environmental Justice populations, have the opportunity to provide meaningful input and our professionals have the capabilities of translating project materials in multiple languages when needed.

Transportation & Corridor Planning

We focus on improving the mobility of goods and people, while creating solutions that are sensitive to the values and natural resources of the communities they serve. With a wide range of experience at the national, state, and local level, we will identify the best method to meet your needs and leverage system assets and financial capability. Our work includes highway/roadway development, transit systems and new starts, congestion management, access management, and freight and port planning.

Urban & Regional Planning

RS&H conducts plans at every level, from statewide and regional efforts, to more localized, community-focused planning. RS&H understands the relationships among planning, land-use, urban design, and the environment inherent in creating quality sustainable communities. For this reason, RS&H pulls from both its planning and design services to develop comprehensive plans that fully integrate land-use while taking into account important regional and context-sensitive design elements.

Our talented professionals have rich backgrounds in providing clients with new solutions for meeting the challenges of tomorrow. We work closely with clients and their constituents through public involvement programs to develop a single common vision for the future and a practical blueprint for achieving it.

  • Comprehensive planning 
  • Neighborhood, sector, and sub-area plans 
  • Public involvement and stakeholder programs 
  • Developments of regional impact 
  • Economic analyses 
  • Demographic analyses 
  • Freight planning
  • Implementation strategies 
  • Capital programming and priorities 
  • Multimodal transportation planning

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