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Empowering Scientific Discovery & Progress

Your vision holds the potential to change the world. From the next medical breakthrough to cutting-edge advancements in materials science, every new scientific discovery or innovation starts with the right team, the right process, and the right environment.

Guided by the latest industry trends, we specialize in delivering programming, planning, and design services that seamlessly align with the ever-evolving landscape of scientific excellence. From laboratories and clean rooms to research facilities and processing suites, we infuse the three tenets of collaboration, technological assimilation, and continual process improvement, creating spaces that go beyond function—they inspire, facilitate, and empower.

RS&H is ready to partner with you to help achieve your goals.

Science Projects

RS&H worked within a collaborative design-build team to design a 96,000-square-foot physical sciences energy research laboratory, that will share technologies and diverse research to collaborate on some of the most complex energy challenges facing the global human community.


As a valued partner with NASA since the 1960s, RS&H started the project with a contract for HVAC repairs, which blossomed into laboratory repairs, laboratory design, and a master plan that would consolidate the ARES division from six buildings down to two.


Going beyond the benefit of now having aesthetically pleasing laboratories that offer advanced research capabilities, Mayo Clinic has the potential to offer a tremendous long-term impact to the local community, as well as the general healthcare community.


The facility required a flexible design that would allow emergency access rights to the Department of Defense should they need to take over the facility to produce potential vaccines and treatment for the military forces at a rapid, long scale.


The newly renovated facility truly services warriors' needs, providing vaccinations for American soldiers and research capabilities to address any disease that may surface in the field.


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