Tolls & Managed Lanes

Tolling is a small industry and a very transportable service.

RS&H has a strong, 60+ year history of providing toll consulting services to public transportation and tolling authorities. We are actively involved in worldwide initiatives around tolling through industry-leading associations, including the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA).

With IBTTA, we have worked side by side with agency representatives and other consultant firms to solve the challenges presented to the industry. For example, as part of this collaborative work, we’ve solved problems in areas such as emerging technologies, big data, all-electronic tolling, mileage-based user fees, congestion pricing and interstate tolling.

These solutions are rooted in direct agency experience. Our associates have walked in the shoes of agency staff, system vendors, operations support staff and consultants, which allows us to tackle challenges from all directions. We also have unique expertise in technologies, applications, systems integration and toll operations that goes above and beyond the norm.

Collectively, RS&H’s Tolls & Technology Service Group team has served over 30 toll agencies throughout the United States in three main areas:


  • Leadership of toll program development/expansion
  • Development of contracts and procurement documents
  • Management of roadside and back-office systems
  • Management of systems and operational vendor procurements
  • Management of toll systems/operation vendors
  • Development of agency-specific policies and business rules
  • Development of systems and operational interoperability requirements
  • Development of system integration requirements
  • Support of operations and maintenance management,
  • Development of operations budget and tracked costs


  • Performance of technology evaluations and testing, including in-house research & development
  • Design of functional and technical system requirements
  • Development of new systems
  • Oversight of vendor system installation and integration
  • Performance of new system testing and oversight
  • Performance of existing system maintenance and auditing

Engineering Project Support

  • Support of project planning and concept development
  • Performance of operational analysis and studies
  • Performance of level 1 & 2 traffic and revenue (T&R) analysis
  • Development of design criteria and specifications
  • Design of civil infrastructure to support systems and equipment
  • Performance of design document reviews
  • Performance of construction installation oversight

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