SR 826 Palmetto Expressway Improvements Studies

The SR 826/Palmetto Expressway is one of the most traveled corridors in Miami-Dade County and provides system-level connections to I-75, Florida’s Turnpike, I-95, and US 1. RS&H is completing project development and environmental (PD&E) studies to determine improvements along two sections of this heavily congested corridor. RS&H evaluated traffic capacity and operational and safety improvements, including the addition of express lanes along the corridor. Through the study process, various alternatives for minimizing impacts to the surrounding communities were addressed through social, economic, and environmental reviews.

A key aspect in the studies was the incorporation and accommodation of future emerging technologies, such as connected and automated vehicles within the express lanes. This aspect was captured within the Concept of Operations that RS&H developed to account for all operational scenarios along the corridor.

Using the preliminary design plans, RS&H created a 3-D virtual model of the proposed study area, which was used to created photo-realistic renderings and animations depicting the current and future conditions. These materials were presented at numerous public meetings to inform and draw comments from community members and stakeholders.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Emerging Technology
Location Miami, FL
Client Florida Department of Transportation, District Six


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