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Medtronic Manufacturing Distribution Facility

Project Details



Memphis, TN

Client / Owner

Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Medtronic, Inc.


1,000,000 square feet

Delivery Method


Expanded operations improve health equity and access in Memphis thanks to new Medtronic manufacturing distribution facility

Medtronic is a leading healthcare technology company focusing on technologies to treat over 70 health conditions in four areas: cardiovascular, diabetes, medical-surgical, and neuroscience. Medtronic’s global footprint spans more than 150 countries and 350 locations. CEVA Logistics is a world leader in third-party logistics that frequently partners with Medtronic to help streamline the distribution of their products. As a company that is always innovating and advancing, Medtronic advanced a plan to expand its operations with a state-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly, and distribution hub in Memphis, TN.

RS&H designers worked diligently to design the tenant improvements for the warehouse to allow Medtronic to continue positively improving health equity and reaching as many patients as possible. The facility is essential to providing procedural kits for surgical operations, which are tailored to fit the needs of each patient and contain the devices needed for each specific surgery. Medtronic utilizes state-of-the-art technology, EXOTEC, which is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that collects supplies throughout the warehouse that are required for each kit. AMRs help optimize space and increase efficiency and are adaptable to each space. This project is the most extensive consolidation of Medtronic’s warehouses with a fully air-conditioned warehouse, emergency generators, instrument wash area, and central process plant to provide utilities for specialty equipment.

This project consolidates six distribution centers nationwide into two central distribution centers that provide Medtronic with improved operations while offering redundancy should one site go down. This effort was fast-tracked, with 100% design plans delivered in just 15 weeks—one-third of the time a project of similar scale and complexity would typically take. This is one of many advantages RS&H offers with an in-house, multi-disciplined team of architects, engineers, and interior designers. The new one-million-square-foot Medtronic complex is part of a larger endeavor to consolidate six existing facilities across the U.S. into two. The newly renovated facility includes a designated space for light manufacturing and assembly and a larger space for distribution.

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