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Statewide Structures Management Support Limited Services

Project Details


Statewide, NC

Client / Owner

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Focus Areas & Services

RS&H is currently providing routine bridge and culvert inspection and load rating for NCDOT on a statewide basis. RS&H initially began working for NCDOT in this capacity in February 2018 under the 2017 Structures Management Support contract. From February 2018 to December 2020 RS&H performed services under the 2017 contract. In late 2020 RS&H was reselected for the 2020 Structures Management Support contract and has worked under the 2020 contract from January 2021 to present. RS&H is assigned structures on a monthly basis across the State, typically inspecting approximately 20 structures per month. Assigned structures are either owned by NCDOT or Local Agencies and have included grade separations on interstate, state, and local routes; bridges over rail; and bridges/culverts over water.  

Once assigned, RS&H performs site visits of each structure and completes the Structure Safety Report in accordance with NCDOT and NBIS requirements. NBI ratings are assigned for the deck, superstructure, substructure, and culverts (where applicable). Work also includes a summary of defects, maintenance needs, and recommended quantities for repairs. Reports are supplemented with field sketches and photographic documentation of our findings. RS&H coordinates required access permits and flaggers with railroads for access to the Right-of-Way and also coordinates, procures, and oversees traffic control subcontractors to facilitate safe inspections.  

RS&H is also providing load rating services under this contract. Load ratings are completed for select structures using the HS-20 design load and NC legal loads. For structures designed using the LRFD method, Load and Resistance Factor Ratings are performed for the design load, HS-20, and NC legal loads.  

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