SR 5/N. Roosevelt Blvd High-Intensity Activated Cross Walks

RS&H provided construction engineering and inspection services for this highly anticipated safety project in the Florida Keys. The project included modifying five existing mid-block pedestrian crosswalks along SR 5/North Roosevelt Boulevard between the Triangle and 2nd Street in Key West, replacing them with HAWKs (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacons). The project was fast-tracked by nearly a year due to encouragement from local law enforcement, because the busy oceanside corridor had been plagued by pedestrian near-misses and rear-end collisions.

This high-profile crosswalk project included full traffic controller systems, signals, conductor and conduit installations, structural uprights with drilled shafts, as well as maintenance of traffic for milling and resurfacing operations and thermoplastic pavement markings.

Project challenges included considerable public outreach efforts and meticulous MOT. The team used public meetings, project update presentations to the City Commission, and innovative outreach to the public, including technology, social media and radio communications, as well as canvassing the corridor to distribute information to the public throughout construction. MOT coordination and pedestrian detours required daily outreach and coordination to ensure that construction could proceed on schedule without affecting travelers or business access. The efforts resulted in not only a positive public perception and a safer corridor, but an FTBA Best in Construction Award for Community Awareness. A study by the Federal Highway Administration found that the HAWK systems can reduce pedestrian accidents by 69% and overall traffic crashes by 29%.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
CEI – Pedestrian & Aesthetic Enhancements
Location Monroe County, FL
Client Florida Department of Transportation, District 6
Owner Florida Department of Transportation
Awards Best in Construction – Community Awareness, Florida Transportation Builders’ Association


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