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Project Details

Description Defense
Operations, Headquarters, & Support Facilities
Location Camp Kinser and Foster, Japan
Owner Air Force Civil Engineer Center
Size 370 Units
Construction Value $102M


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Military Family Housing Towers and Single-Family Unit Renovations, Camp Kinser and Foster, Japan

The humid, tropical climate of Okinawa accelerated deterioration to the building and most of the housing units at Camp Kinser Towers and Camp Foster Plaza. RS&H and its JV partner was selected to provide six complete A E design packages for renovations to 370 high-occupancy, multi-floor housing units.

To provide a modern, comfortable and appealing living environment and achieve the U.S. Air Force’s goals, the JV team provided planning, program management, field survey, site investigations, facility inspections, design analysis, technical specifications, and analysis of structural systems to provide complete designs for each package. The projects provided full renovations to improve quality of life for military families and provided full fire protection and AT/FP requirements for the high-rise buildings.

The quality of life for military families was the primary focus for each unit improvement with upgrades for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors. The design also addressed many challenges encountered by changes to the UFC and to update the existing building, which was constructed by the host nation, to bring it up to host nation criteria for things such as compliance with AT/FP as well as adapting the building systems to support new fire code requirements.

The design team was composed of staff from multiple firms working collaboratively towards a comprehensive remodel of the projects in a foreign country. The team worked diligently at the site charrettes and were able to develop a cohesive design that reflected common goals and address the user’s needs and limitations.