Mainland High School

Mainland High School is a three-story, 340,000-square-foot new high school based upon the Academy Concept. This project addressed many urban planning issues due to its prominent location in Daytona Beach. This new signature high school is designed for a 2,100 to 2,460 student capacity with an interior courtyard with four main secure entries providing “natural” security.

The school provides parking accommodations for 750 vehicles with student, staff, and visitor parking separated. The gym and auditorium are designed for ease of after-hours and community use. Event parking is placed close to the gym and auditorium.

Mainland High School’s design provides complete physical education facilities as well. Football practice, baseball, and softball fields are grouped to share future lighting.

Student traffic flow has been simplified and is controlled with a traffic light on Clyde Morris Boulevard. Bus traffic is separate from other traffic and allows for ample stacking space on site.

Expansion for classroom space has been provided. This new school footprint will allow the existing high school to remain operational during construction.

Project Details

Description Engineering
HVAC/Mechanical Engineering
Location Daytona Beach, FL
Client/Owner Volusia County Public Schools
Square Footage 2,100-2,460 Student Capacity
340,000 SF


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