I-75 South Corridor and Subarea Master Plan

RS&H conducted a master plan and subarea study of I-75 from south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to south of Macon, Georgia. This corridor, one of the busiest and most vital transportation routes within Georgia, serves as a key connection within the state and the direct connection between the growing metro Atlanta and Macon regions. Ensuring the continued safe and efficient travel within this corridor is critical.

In addition, this corridor is one of the most critical freight corridors in the United States. Due to its strategic location between the Port of Savannah, Florida, and the Midwest, the I-75 south corridor continues to draw logistics and freight related industries that add further freight demands.

The study included the utilization of Integrated Corridor Freight Planning to target transportation investments that promote logistics/freight related industries while enhancing mobility. This approach included a detailed assessment of existing and future freight related land uses and projected truck trips. Freight “hot-spots” and bottlenecks were identified and critical freight routes assessed. The results of the analysis were used to help identify and prioritize transportation recommendations and opportunities for freight modal shifts from truck to rail.

The study forms the policy blueprint and proposed course of action for future transportation system improvements to ensure efficient operation of the corridor through the year 2040. RS&H closely coordinated with local governments, regional commissions, and metropolitan planning organizations in the region to identify supportive policies for the protection of multimodal mobility and satisfactory system operations within the I-75 south corridor. The study also provides guidance on how public investments may support private-sector economic development initiatives and freight movement in the corridor and adjacent lands. The study includes:

  • Review of adopted land use plans and comprehensive plans
  • Development and recommendation of conceptual improvements and projects to the I-75 south corridor
  • Identification of specific interchange area recommendations for improved access
  • Identification of multimodal connectivity improvements, including city and county road networks, local and intercity transit systems, and freight and passenger rail
  • Development and presentation of an action plan with specific implementation steps identified

Project Details

Description Transportation
Public Involvement
Transportation/Corridor Planning
Location Locust Grove, GA
Client Georgia Department of Transportation


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