Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)

RS&H serves as a member of the GEC for CTRMA and is engaged with multiple corridors in various stages of development, helping to bring mobility solutions throughout central Texas. RS&H is supporting CTRMA by providing a range of services relative to toll facility development and operation including the following:

  • Program and project management
  • Toll and ITS contractor oversight
  • Tolling and ITS infrastructure review
  • ITS and toll system design review and validation
  • Toll system vendor deliverable review and management
  • Contract document development between CTRMA, their vendors and TxDOT
  • Toll and ITS facility construction and toll equipment installation oversight
  • Toll system and ITS integration and testing support
  • ITS and Toll System accuracy audits and analysis
  • Contractor change order management and processing
  • Development of public involvement and board meeting materials
  • Project construction phase oversight, including contract support, project reporting, construction inspections, materials testing, and contractor coordination

In support of CTRMA’s MoPac Improvement Project, CTRMA’s first express lane toll system, RS&H provided toll system testing, performance analysis and vendor oversight. In support of CTRMA’s State Highway 45 Southwest toll road, RS&H managed the implementation of the ITS and toll system on the new tollway, overseeing the toll system vendor’s efforts in system design, development, testing and final implementation. This corridor included CTRMA’s implementation of a state-of-the-art wrong way detection system, which was a first in Central Texas. RS&H associates also were responsible for toll system infrastructure design review, toll system design review, program management, equipment installation oversight, testing oversight, testing validation, performance analysis and maintenance support in support of 45SW. RS&H associates have also played key roles in support of CTRMA’s planning efforts for the 183A Phase 1 and 2 ITS Retrofit and 183A Phase 3 Projects, providing civil design review to ensure corridor infrastructure meets the needs of future ITS and tolling systems.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Tolls & Managed Lanes
Program Management
Location Travis and Williamson Counties, TX
Client/Owner Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)


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