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[Webinar] AdventHealth Altamonte Springs Mother-Infant Unit Renovation – Panel Discussion

April 14, 2023      

Tags: Healthcare, Science

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To provide the ultimate patient and medical professional experience, AdventHealth converted 10 existing patient rooms into five state-of-the-art patient spaces.

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In this webinar, panelists from AdventHealth discussed the patient-experience focus behind the Altamonte Springs Mother-Infant Unit (MIU) renovation project and how similar improvements can benefit your facility’s overall quality of care.

This webinar:

  • Discussed the journey behind the AdventHealth MIU improvement renovation project.
  • Explored how these improvements were centered around a positive patient experience and enhanced retention benefits for top healthcare talent.
  • Shared the financial benefits of reallocating existing facilities to improve patient satisfaction.
  • Addressed the importance of creating a strategic and successful project team to achieve the best outcome.

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