Topsail Island Bridge Replacement

RS&H is providing planning and design services for the replacement of Bridge No. 16 over the Intracoastal Waterway in Pender County, North Carolina. The existing bridge is a two-lane swing span with a very low sufficiency rating and provides one of only two connections to Topsail Island. We studied the impacts on the constraining physical and environmental features adjacent to the site and developed 16 alternative alignments for replacement.

The extensive public involvement effort included public meetings, newsletters, mailings, websites, phone hotlines, ad-hoc meetings, public official involvement, and stakeholder meetings, where the team’s advanced design visualization tools became an instrumental part of the communication process. The team developed a series of 3-D renderings, photo simulations, and animations for the 16 potential bridge alternatives, which enabled the community to make informed decisions about the project.

Below is the animation of the proposed design of the new bridge.

Topsail video

Project Information

Pender County, North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Transportation