Environmental Stewardship and Resiliency

The RS&H Environmental Stewardship and Resiliency (ESR) Team offers regulatory compliance and permitting and associated operations support (i.e., training and documentation) for preventing air, water and soil impacts. Recent focus areas aligning with airport’s infrastructure investments needs include:

  • Specialty services in the areas of stormwater planning and green infrastructure
  • Airport deicer management
  • Sustainability planning and project integration
  • Greenhouse gas evaluation and mitigation roadmap development
  • Climate change resiliency and adaptation planning.

Our expertise with industrial, municipal and construction stormwater management, solid and hazardous waste management, air quality, hazardous materials management, petroleum spill prevention and management, PFAS investigatory and remedial work plans, and overall environmental program establishment offer opportunities for clients to ensure their projects, programs, and operations will continue without upset, as well as identify and develop regulatory strategies for environmental problems that do occur.

As more and more airports across the United States develop and implement sustainability programs, RS&H is ready to help. Our ESR Team understands the principals of change management and that success is defined by how well all levels of an organization embrace sustainability and work toward well-defined policy, goals and objectives. We offer experience from a variety of sectors where implementation of changes could only be achieved through thorough understanding of the unique aspects of each individual airport’s operations. RS&H is the one aviation consulting firm that understands each element of airport development and operations, and thereby is well equipped to help incorporate sustainability. From planning and finance to design to construction to operations, our broad-spectrum expertise and understanding of how airports function provides the means to efficiently and effectively help airports develop sustainability programs that meld to the organization.

Our ESR Team also recognizes resiliency is integral to sustainability and to be sustainable, an airport must be resilient. We understand that evaluating and ultimately mitigating the impacts of sea level rise and/or extreme weather is a focus for more and more communities as they encounter severe weather situations, or they improve their own understanding of climate projections. Airport organizations, as vital regional assets are beginning to investigate possible impacts to their own infrastructure and operations and developing plans to understand how their individual risks can be managed.

Please check back frequently for updates on the exciting projects the RS&H ESR Team are involved with!

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