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RS&H’s sustainable and socially responsible designs result in resource-efficient green buildings that preserve the natural environment while creating lasting benefits for our clients and surrounding communities. From LEED certification to incorporating water conservation, energy efficiency measures, and sustainable construction, our integrated teams identify solutions that reduce operating costs, improve marketability, increase occupant productivity, and conserve natural resources.

Our integrated teams have experience in all areas of sustainable design, including water conservation through innovative plumbing fixtures and other design features; design of water-efficient landscapes that incorporate rain gardens and bioswales to enhance natural habitats; energy conservation, commissioning, and renewable energy solutions that reduce air quality impacts to the atmosphere; indoor environmental design features such as daylighting to reduce energy costs while also increasing occupant productivity; use of locally procured and recycled materials to mitigate environmental impacts during construction; and the integration of recycling programs and infrastructure to reduce a facility’s overall short-term and long-term solid waste burden on local communities.

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