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[Podcast] Airport Resiliency and Sustainability with Tampa International

July 12, 2023      By Bryan Nicol

Tags: Aviation

In 2014 TPA received its first grant to create a sustainability plan. Since then, TPA has received ACI airport carbon accreditation, making it the first and only airport in Florida to receive this accreditation. 

Currently, TPA tracks carbon emissions through all operations including maintenance vehicles and transportation. Their office building is LEED certified and was the first airport to earn Bike Friendly Business recognition. While Tampa International has been making strides to increase its resiliency and sustainability for a while, Hurricane Ian in 2022 was a pivotal moment that helped them realize what they have been doing has been great, but they need to do more.

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On this episode, Bryan Nicol is joined by Eric Caplan and Ben Moore to discuss airport resiliency and sustainability. The conversation begins with Eric explaining why resiliency is a top priority for Tampa International. Then Eric and Ben discuss an airport’s role in the community, the importance of sustainability and what a resilient and sustainable airport might look like in the future.

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One tool airports can use to achieve project sustainability goals is the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure’s (ISI) Envision® Sustainability Rating System.

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