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Foundation Park

Project Details



Alachua, FL

Client / Owner

Concept Development Inc.


Design-Build Merit Award - Industrial/Process/Research Facilities Category, DBIA Florida Region, 2016

Modular design concept provides flexible plug and play format for Foundation Park in Alachua, FL

Strategically located in the heart of Florida’s Northeast Biotech Cluster, Foundation Park was created to provide modern laboratories and office facilities for life science companies of all sizes and through all phases of development. Designed for users to share common restrooms, conference space, break areas, shipping and receiving, and mechanical spaces, Foundation Park contains divisible tenant shell space for clients who need a research and development laboratory, manufacturing and production space, and/or an area to conduct pre-clinical trials through Phase 2 clinical trials. 

Plug and play format gives facility added flexibility

From the client perspective, the footprint was designed for expansion of all capacities. RS&H-designed fit-outs of the lab spaces take up the majority of the 42,460-square-foot facility. The laboratories are modular by nature, allowing for multiple configurations that can be catered to each client based on their research and development needs.  

Employees have found the space to be functional and accommodating. The common spaces allow staff the ability to interact and make connections outside of the more rigid manufacturing and production area.  

One of the larger tenants—AGTC Laboratories—is a biotechnology research and product development company that focuses on ophthalmologic gene therapy and the treatment of XLRF, a progressive eye disorder. One of the challenges the design team faced was fitting AGTC’s designated program into the existing shell design, needing to upgrade the shell to accommodate and support the needs of the manufacturing cleanrooms while also planning for future needs. 

Playing a vital role in helping shape Florida’s biotech hub

RS&H has played an integral role in recent years in the success story of Progress Park in Alachua. RS&H’s Health and Science Market Leader Scott Crawford explains, “Our team is now part of a synergistic effort in the Alachua community. We have had a hand in growing this area into a biotech hub, working with several national companies that are helping attract high-earning, high-intellect jobs to the state.” 

One only has to look at the success of the former Nanotherapeutics, now National Resilience, to see Alachua’s rise in the science and technology field. Crawford noted that Nanotherapeutics got its start as an incubator company. These new products and technology discovered here have the potential to grow into international corporations that will continue to shape science for years to come. 

““RS&H developed a concept that allows for the incremental occupancy of multiple tenants by providing expandable infrastructure adaptable to each specific tenant need. Fit-out for any space can be accomplished without the operational interruption of other areas…RS&H’s attention to detail provided the users a thoughtful work flow that enhanced operational efficiencies and overall convenience for daily operations…Their collaborative working ethic with our construction specialists and client user groups and their rapid response to client needs has made them an integral part of our science development team.” 

-Brian S. Crawford, President, Concept Companies 


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