SLS Mobile Launcher and Launch Tower

The mobile launcher (ML) is designed to support the assembly, testing, check out and servicing of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rockets, as well as transfer it to the pad and provide the platform from which it will launch. The ML took about two years to construct.

The 355-foot-tall ML structure contains the several subsystem including propellant and gases systems, umbilical arms, electronic control systems, communication systems and access platforms. The ML is two-story base: 47 feet high, 165 feet long and 135 feet wide. Empty weight when outfitted with support equipment is around 10 million pounds. The Tower is 40 feet square, 355 feet tall and weighs approximately 6,750,000 pounds.

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Ground Support Equipment
Location Kennedy Space Center, FL
Client/Owner NASA


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