Charlotte/Douglas International Airport

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the seventh busiest airport in the U.S. by passenger volume and currently operates as a joint civil-military public international airport. In 2020 RS&H was re-selected for three separate contracts: on-call planning and environmental; on-call architecture; and on-call civil engineering. In addition, RS&H continues to be reselected for on-call assignments in each category and projects outside of the on-call contracts.

As part of the Airport’s ongoing Planning assignments, RS&H is providing planning services targeted at developing a terminal expansion program that will establish a 10-year infrastructure development plan and ultimately resolve a 25-year long term vision plan. The near-term plan addresses and solves airfield operational deficiencies as well as heavily constrained passenger services.

Other assignments have included analysis and concept development to tackle specific operational issues and inefficiencies in the interim. These required creative concept development, bridging between airfield and terminal components. RS&H planners worked hand-in-hand with architects and engineers in developing proofs of concept for numerous alternatives for these efforts to find implementable solutions. Planning specific tasks include forecast analysis, terminal programming, gating analysis, and concurrent aircraft movement simulations.

RS&H is also providing design and construction administration services for the renovation and minor expansion of the existing U.S. Customs FIS facility currently housed on the ramp level of Concourse D, as well as the southside expansion of the connector area between Concourses C and D (referred as the D-E Connector.) The approximate area total for all project components is 130,000 square feet. The phasing of the design will require the continual use of the vehicular lanes at the lower level throughout the construction process.

Project Details

Description Aviation
Location Charlotte, NC
Client City of Charlotte – Aviation Department
Owner City of Charlotte


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