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[Webinar] Central 70 Colorado Cover Top Best Practices and Lessons Learned

February 20, 2023      By Adam Mercer, Marshall Bailey, PE, Assoc. DBIA

Tags: Transportation

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The Central 70 Interstate is known to many as Colorado’s economic backbone, carrying upwards of 200,000 vehicles per day. The Central 70 project is the state’s largest public-private partnership (P3) transportation project to date, designed to cut travel time in half by the year 2035 and bring major infrastructure improvements to one of the region’s most critical highway segments.

The project reconstructed a 10-mile stretch adding one new Express Lane going in each direction while removing the aging 57-year-old viaduct. The project also lowered the interstate, providing access to a new 4-acre park over a portion of the lowered interstate. This cover will provide more connection for the community that was originally divided by the interstate. These community spaces will include parks and amphitheaters.

Bonus Content

The three most important aspects of the Central 70 cover top project construction were the tunnel system, commissioning and quality assurance, and constructing the cover top. Download our exclusive checklist for a deeper look into the best practices for a successful project.

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Webinar Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss best practices and lessons learned from tunnel systems, commissioning processes, cover top, and more that resulted in improved infrastructure, connectivity and economic vitality.
  • Discover how the project has enhanced mobility with new techniques and strategies for public safety and transportation resiliency.
  • Learn how the project has reconnected the community.
  • Hear firsthand stories on how the RS&H team partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation to deliver the largest P3 project in the state.

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Developing and implementing an equitable transportation plan can gauge the needs of community members and consider how a project will affect a community’s needs for mobility and connectivity.