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The RS&H Design Philosophy and Process

November 6, 2018      

Tags: Aviation, Corporate

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The work of RS&H’s architects can be found throughout urban environments, campuses, commercial developments, airports, and research centers. Architecture has been part of our story since our founding in 1941, and our buildings work continues to focus on engaging our clients empowering stakeholders and creating successful, custom design solutions.

In our new design book, RS&H Design, Vol. 1, our substantial portfolio reveals a set of principles and perspectives that, taken together, articulate our distinctive approach to design. These principles are the bedrock of our buildings work and have inspired our thinking for generations.

This year, leaders of RS&H’s buildings community have come together to develop and refine these principles. The results are a Design Philosophy and Process that encompass the rich traditions of our past and reach toward our aspirations for the future. They provide us with a benchmark to guide our intentions, our objectives, and our actions. They give us a common language to express our design values.

The RS&H Design Philosophy

We believe the best buildings uplift and affirm the people they serve, embody elegant form and function, and manifest purpose, personality, and spirit.

The RS&H Design Process

  • We listen and ask the right questions.
  • We enhance understanding through research.
  • We draw perspective from a diverse team.
  • We empower clients with our experience.
  • We promote environmental stewardship.
  • We value consistency and quality.
  • We create beauty through elegant design.

Our buildings work fully embodies every aspect of our Design Philosophy and Process, as we continue to set the standard for design excellence. We look forward to working with our buildings clients as we transform their vision into reality.

RS&H Design, Vol. 1

If you’d like to see what our Design Philosophy and Process looks like, you can download a digital version of our new design book for free.


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