Project Description

Kraft Foods, Inc. – Maxwell House Coffee Company

RS&H provided design services for additions and alterations to Maxwell House’s coffee plant. The facility consists of a main multistory processing building and a separate can plant connected to the main building with a conveyor bridge.

Representative projects include:

Pile foundation for a 300,000-gallon waste water equalization tank
Pit and foundation design for a stretch wrapper installation
Platform additions for access to cable conveyors
Platform additions for existing chaff tank
Green bean unloading station consisting of foundations for a trailer
dump platform, truck dock/platform extension, and a PEMB cover over the entire area
Can plant modification to convert one can line from steel containers to plastic containers. Steel containers are manufactured in this plant, but the plastic containers will be shipped in from an outside source. Project specifics are a 3,000-square-foot sorting mezzanine, conveyor platforms and supports, draft curtains to meet FM requirements for plastic storage, added truck dock door and leveler, new lighting, and fire protection.
Sugar silo access platform and ladder addition
Screen wall addition
Floor loading analyses
Adding and filling in-floor openings
HVAC upgrades to an area within the processing plant
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Project Details

Description Corporate
Warehouse & Logistics
Client/Owner Kraft Foods, Inc./Maxwell House Coffee Company


Andrew P. Wheeler
Warehouse & Logistics