Since the 1960s, RS&H’s designs for manned and unmanned orbital and suborbital launch facilities, processing buildings, and ground support equipment have been instrumental in the advancement of space exploration and technology.  With unmatched experience in supporting all classes of launch vehicles, we offer solutions that are innovative, reliable, and that stand the test of time.

Our teams specialize in design, analysis, planning, construction administration, testing, and activation support for the aerospace industry worldwide.  This experience includes extensive designs supporting liquid and solid propellant vehicles, from small missiles to the largest rockets including Saturn V and Space Shuttle, as well as both vertical and horizontal launch programs.

Through our long history and depth of experience in planning and designing ground systems for numerous federal and commercial launch providers, we have developed a team of veteran engineers with the necessary data and knowledge to help our clients succeed in the competitive and constantly advancing aerospace industry.


Launch pad. Link to Space Symposium landing page.

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