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Philip Robbie, AIA, OAA, has 30 years of international experience in all areas of architectural practice. These services include master planning, programming, space planning, interior design and architectural design. He has specialized in the collaborative process and is a graphics facilitator. Developing internal studios, mentoring staff, facilitating design charrettes, along with public presentations of major commissions are frequent responsibilities. His work has gained recognition in the profession through numerous AIA design awards, and Philip has served as a visiting guest lecturer, TEDx speaker and author of work featured in professional publications. Philip can be reached at

Building an Engine of Innovation in 4 Steps

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A design firm is only as strong as its team of designers. The talent an architecture firm has in its stable is directly correlated to the firm’s design capabilities, processes and, often, success. At RS&H, we have a wealth of architects who design projects in several different industries. These projects often invite [...]

5 Reasons Why Drawing is Still Necessary for Architects

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There is no doubt that the advances in digital technology have advanced the architecture field. Architects have more tools than ever before to create accurate, lifelike designs. The renderings that programs like Revit, Rhino and Sketchup can generate are closer to the end product than we’ve ever been able to get before.I like computers, and [...]