Michael Davis, PE, DBIA

About Michael Davis, PE, DBIA

Mike serves as the Tolls Service Group Leader for RS&H and has more than 22 years of experience in the transportation industry, including 15 years dedicated to managed lanes and tolling. During his diverse career, he has helped manage the development of managed lanes systems throughout the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and California.

Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Provide New Industry Opportunities

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We are in an industry surrounded by change. We have seen and heard of the latest in new and emerging technologies that will change the way we know transportation. When, where, and how this change will impact each of us is still to be determined with the biggest debate being the “when.” While we may not know exactly when certain technologies will take off, we know they are on the horizon because of the amount of money projected to fund key emerging technology sectors. But what is being talked about now that could boost our timeline?

Designing Roadways for a Connected, Autonomous Future

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Connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology will ultimately reshape our entire transportation industry. The change is already happening — 41 states have either introduced or enacted autonomous vehicle legislation since 2012, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. But, to move to widespread adoption of CAVs and the smart infrastructure needed for [...]

Emerging Transportation Technologies Can Provide a Sustainable Future

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As we continue to see the many new advances that are being made in the area of transportation technology, we cannot help but wonder what the transportation and tolling industry will look like in 10 to 15 years. Will the current business models for tolling agencies be the same? Will the need for [...]

How to evaluate P3 models for tolls projects

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The financing of transportation projects using toll revenues has long been the province of toll agencies. With the increasing use and recognized benefits of tolled managed lanes, state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other agencies are more engaged in adopting innovative project approaches that apply the tolling principle and the ability to leverage toll revenues to advance much needed capacity improvement projects.

Top 4 Goals and Characteristics of Capturing Big Data to Plan for the Future

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Toll transactions aren’t as simple as they used to be, nor would we expect them to be. The way toll technology has advanced over the last decades, the information that can be collected from vehicles on a toll road is expansive. When information is collected, such as transponder reads, images, and classifications, then it’s [...]

Top 12 Aspects to Include in a Concept of Operations

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The effectiveness of any managed lanes project, especially priced managed lanes, is measured by how they operate. The operations, as it's associated with the pricing of vehicles, exempt vehicle identification, signing, enforcement, incident management, emergency response, to name a few. All of these operational aspects are affected by the way the facility is [...]

Risk is the Key to Procurement

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Projects inherently have risks. Some are high stakes and some are minor, but worth analyzing. Risk assessment for project procurement starts with a look at the "hows" of the project: How will it be funded? How will it get built? How will it be operated? What follows is a look at the "whos" involved [...]

Top 6 Ways Separation Strategies Can Impact Managed Lanes Operations

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With the increased deployment of Priced Managed Lanes (PML), we have been able to better understand the advantages, disadvantages, and impacts of lane separation techniques. There are many factors that affect the type of separation to be used between the PML and the General Purpose Lanes (GPL). Safety – Safety items to consider [...]

Top 4 Messages to Clarify in Managed Lanes Signage

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If you can't add signs to it, then you shouldn't build it! As with any transportation project, if the user does not understand how to use the facility, the effectiveness of the project is diminished. With priced managed lanes falling within one of the most complicated transportation facilities, it's imperative that the signage [...]