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Kevin serves as RS&H’s Tolls Technology Leader and has a range of progressive experience in program management, consulting, and system planning. RS&H provides specialized solutions for the planning, scheduling, and testing of toll and managed lanes systems.

Toll System Integration Project Documentation – What’s the Right Balance?

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Tolling agencies have adopted a fairly liberal approach to documentation requirements when sourcing new systems – the more documents, the better. But what is the right balance that protects the owner while allowing contractors to deliver projects in an efficient manner?

How Can Toll Agencies Make the Most of the Last 5 Percent?

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Toll agencies often find themselves in a financial conundrum. This usually happens when you measure the costs associated with collecting tolls from customers who refuse to pay initially against the toll revenue and fees ultimately collected. If agencies don’t follow certain measures to control their spending, they may end up losing money versus gaining revenue.

Software as a Service Solution for Tolling – Good Fit or Snake Oil?

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Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It’s sometimes referred to as "on-demand software." It’s typically accessed by a web browser and can provide excellent results in a tolling back office environment when properly implemented. [...]

Performance Metrics – Real World vs. Fantasy

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We've all seen toll system performance metrics in a solicitation that seem to defy logic - they can't be achieved, can't be measured, or can't be tested. Sometimes these ill fashioned performance metrics make it all the way into an executed contract and cause all sorts of problems in delivery and subsequent operations and [...]

Guaranteed Tolls – Viable Solution or Risky Endeavor?

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Toll agencies have been offered a "guaranteed" toll in some form or another for years. But, recent offerings associated with all electronic tolling and innovative contracting approaches related to the collection of tolls not associated with an established account (e.g. EZ-Pass, SunPass, TxTag, etc.) has developed newfound interest in guaranteed toll contracts - [...]

Converging Tolls & ITS: Outlining the Benefits

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Purists might argue that tolling has always been a subset of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Until recently, most agencies approached the sourcing, operations, and maintenance of these systems separately. Now, the adoption of managed lanes and continued conversions to all electronic tolling have resulted in a convergence of the two disciplines in many [...]

Schedule Challenges Related to Roadside Toll Equipment Testing

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Testing of roadside tolling equipment is often the final work item on toll road construction schedules. Several iterative test evolutions commonly occur in advance of the final system commissioning test, but agencies rely on the final test to certify that the system is ready to reliably collect tolls. Several strategies can be employed [...]

Profile-Based Vehicle Classification Gains Momentum in the United States

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Almost all tolled highways and bridges employ some type of tiered pricing approach based on vehicle size and/or weight. The most common approach to classifying vehicles for toll pricing in the United States is based on the number of axles. Other less common methods include a combination of vehicle axles, weight, and a [...]