Andrew Poszich

About Andrew Poszich

Andrew Poszich serves as a Transportation Associate for RS&H’s Transportation-Infrastructure Practice. He is a member of the roadway design team and brings an in-depth understanding of corridor modeling and overall 3D workflow within the Bentley MicroStation environment as it relates to core engineering geometry and interdisciplinary collaboration. He can be reached at

How Rapid Concept Development Benefits Engineers, Owners

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With 3D design becoming integral to the transportation engineering industry, companies around the world are adopting new workflow practices to better utilize the latest technology. What originated as a final design tool is now creeping into early stage project layouts. From the onset, 3D analyses benefit design concepts by providing a more in-depth understanding [...]

OpenRoads Provides Benefits for Transportation Design

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For years, road and bridge projects of all shapes and sizes have been built off of plan sheets cut by engineers. Even with the advent of three-dimensional (3D) modeling, designers have still relied on two-dimensional plan sheets to take their concepts to construction. But there is a shift in design mentality developing in the [...]