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RS&H Voices: Michelle Yeh

April 9, 2024      By Holly Tishfield

Tags: Engineering, Aviation, Our People

Michelle Yeh, EIT, is an aviation associate in our Los Angeles, California office. She’s worked for RS&H since graduating with her bachelor’s three years ago. In the future, she hopes to complete her PE licensing and continue working on projects that impact her community. Hear straight from Michelle in this month’s RS&H Voices.  

Michelle Yeh headshot.

Why do you like working with RS&H? 

Here in the L.A. office, I feel like everyone is super supportive and truly interested in my professional growth. They have big plans for me, which is encouraging and motivating as someone in their early 20s. I feel like my teammates have my best interest at heart. 

What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

The next step in my career journey is to get my PE license. I definitely want to accomplish that within the next year or two. Other than that, I don’t have big plans. I think my career growth’s natural trajectory will lead me on the right path, especially with my super supportive team.   

Michelle on a project site.

What is your biggest accomplishment while at RS&H?

My proudest accomplishment is probably one of the projects that I worked on during my first few months with the firm. We did this really cool project at LAX, which is scheduled to finish construction this summer, and it was very fulfilling to be a part of such a big project with such a good team. It’s still hard to believe that I get to work on these huge, important projects. I enjoy the learning experience! 

Who are your mentors or inspirations at the company?

I think that everybody I’ve worked with, whether a project manager or a younger associate in charge of training me, has always done a great job of helping me learn and being patient with me. I especially see that with Felipe Cifuentes, my supervisor, and my other office leaders. They’re always accessible and willing to help when I need it.  

What aspects of your role excite you the most?

Over the last year or so, we’ve hired a lot of younger associates who are in the same place that I was when I graduated college. I find it really fulfilling to be there and help them learn the ropes, like my teammates did for me. It can be a lot of work, but it pays off so much after 3-4 months of working with these new associates when you can see how much they’ve grown.  

Michelle out to tea.

What is a go-to break you take during the day to re-energize?

I love to take a little stroll around the building when I’m in the office. On my work-from-home days, I’ll plan a little Pilates class during my lunch hour. That really gets me back into the swing and makes me feel more energized for the rest of the day. 

Any hobbies?

I love to do my own nails, and I love to sew. That’s my little grandma-hobby. I’m also a pretty active person, and I’m big into Pilates and yoga. I was a yoga teacher for a little while before coming to RS&H, and I still love it. 

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