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RS&H Voices: Grace Harr

February 27, 2023      By Raegan Blackburn

Tags: Our People

As a first-year civil airfield associate, Grace Harr is learning from a great team while exploring a new city. Along the way, she’s built a supportive network that helps her grow more each day. Hear straight from Grace in this month’s RS&H Voices.

Grace Harr's interview questions and answers

Why do you like working with RS&H?

I really like the team I work on – that’s probably the best part! Everyone’s easy to talk to and supportive of each other. I never feel alone when working on things. I appreciate the community at RS&H.

What is your biggest accomplishment while at RS&H?

In just a year and a half, I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself. It’s crazy to think I can now pass on my knowledge to someone new when that new hire was me not so long ago.

How have you grown professionally?

I’ve definitely grown in my communication skills. I used to get nervous about sending an email to an industry partner. But now, I’ve done so much coordination with others like county representatives, utility companies, and more. Now, I’m more confident in my ability to represent the project and speak on behalf of the team.

What exciting project are you working on right now?

We’re working on a panel replacement project on an apron at the Philadelphia airport and using really cool software to get it done. We’re using AviPLAN to figure out how to phase everything correctly to ensure we’re maximizing time and space at the airport. I love using the software to drive the plans forward and see the real-world impact.

Who are your mentors or inspirations at the company?

I consider everyone on the core team to be one of my mentors. They have been the most helpful, supportive, and understanding people. They always help with any questions and have created a great place for me to learn and grow in my first job out of school.

My brother and his fiancée are also civil engineers. They’re taking the PE exam and have been great mentors by sharing their experiences. I’m lucky to have a really great, well-rounded network to learn from.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

I’m hoping to get my PE license in a few years. That’s definitely one of my closest goals. And I also want to continue working on a variety of projects. So far, no two projects have been the same, so I’m excited to see what else is out there. I can’t wait to get more experience in the field and travel to different airports to see things up close.

Which one of our values do you resonate with the most?

Definitely, we are caring. I care for the others I work with daily but also about the people I impact through a project. You could easily follow a manual and stop there, but the important part is asking: “How does my work affect the people living in a community with my design?” I always try to think a step beyond the standard.

I also resonate with we are creative. Again, you could always just follow the standards, but being creative keeps everything exciting and adds a little extra to a project.

What is a go-to break you take during the day to re-energize?

I love a midday walk when working from home, and on the days I’m in the office. Sometimes you just have to get moving and get a little refresher.

Any hobbies?

Well, I love to go on walks! I also love hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants since I’m new to the area. I love to go a little outside of the city and visit local parks. Lots of family events with family members getting married and having babies. I’d love to travel and see more places this year!

Favorite app?

Spotify and Zillow! Spotify for listening to music and podcasts. And Zillow for looking at houses (even the ones I can’t afford). I love a good house tour.

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