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RS&H Debuts Firm’s First Design Book

October 29, 2018      

Tags: Architecture, Corporate, Aviation

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For more than 75 years, RS&H has designed landmark, signature buildings for clients from a wealth of different industries and communities. The scope is immense, spanning corporate headquarters, airport terminals and healthcare facilities, schools and university buildings, financial institutions, laboratories, transportation centers and even space launch facilities.

Design book cover page.


Many of these more recent projects fill nearly 200 pages of RS&H Design, Vol 1The firm’s first book of design celebrates the remarkable work of RS&H through projects that show the extraordinary level of design excellence that has defined the reputation of the firm.

“This book is as much about partnership as it is about projects,” said RS&H Executive Vice President John Bottaro. “Its pages are a testament to the enduring collaboration of trusted partners – architects, engineers, interior designers, clients, consultants, contractors, and others.”

Each of the book’s 39 projects is a product of RS&H’s design philosophy: a belief that the best buildings uplift and affirm the people they serve, embody elegant form and function, and manifest purpose, personality and spirit. Photos of the finished projects are complemented by design highlights, preliminary sketches and even digital renderings that trace the project from thought to finish.

“This substantial portfolio reveals a set of principles and perspectives that, taken together, articulate RS&H distinctive approach to design,” Bottaro said. “These seven principles are the bedrock of our buildings work and have inspired our thinking for generations.”

Those design principles are:

  • We listen and ask the right questions.
  • We enhance understanding through research.
  • We draw perspective from a diverse team.
  • We empower clients with our experience.
  • We promote environmental stewardship.
  • We value consistency and quality.
  • We create beauty through elegant design.

Download the digital edition of the design book.

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