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Falling in Love with Aviation through Bird Strike Work

July 22, 2019      

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Julie with her husband and children.

Julie Barrow first fell in love with airports at Anchorage International Airport while researching bird strikes for the airport and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“I love that each airport is like its own individual city and I get to work at airports across the country,” said Julie. “No two airports are the same, so no two projects are the same and I never get bored.”

Julie has 10 years of extensive experience in environmental analysis, technical advisement, program management and regulatory compliance. She spent five years within the Federal Aviation Administration’s  Office of Airports as an environmental protection specialist in Washington, D.C.

Julie’s been with RS&H since 2015 as an environmental planner and has worked her way up to leading the environmental planning service group in Denver, Colorado. She was recognized as the Aviation Practice’s project manager of the year after just three years with the firm.

Award-Winning Personality

Julie is well-rounded, which makes her versatile. She cares about her job and the people she works with. Her skills include technical knowledge, project management, communication and collaborations, not to mention the policy knowledge she brings from her work at the FAA.

“I think Julie has a very socially disarming quality about her,” said RS&H Aviation Environmental Specialist Nick Kozlik. “She tempers everyone and creates more of a communal conversational atmosphere.”

Her colleagues say she’s fun to work with, and she has an eagerness to jump in and help in developing solutions to problems.

“Julie has a bubbly personality,” said Senior Aviation Consultant Michael Becker. “Every time you begin a conversation, it’s like opening a bottle of champagne.”

Getting to Know Your Colleague

Nick remembers being awake for 24 hours during a sequestration for the Burbank Environmental Impact Report and sitting in a room with Julie and fellow associates Dave Full and Joey Gale.

“One lesson that I have learned is that internal relationships are really important and rewarding, more than I thought they were going to be,” said Julie.

One way to keep the team energized during the 24-hour sequestration was to make the entire team do planks and various exercises periodically through the day and night. The planking had the same effects as a team building exercise.

“It was a bonding experience,” said Nick. “Anytime you work so hard with someone, you kind of get to know someone better.”

Life Outside of Work

Julie loves her family and enjoys watching her two boys play sports. She also enjoys what Colorado’s great outdoors has to offer: camping, hiking, biking and spending time with her boys and husband.

“I would say the number one thing that makes Julie tick is her family,” said Michael. “The passion she expresses regarding her boys, it’s impressive. Striking that work-life balance is a very important part of who Julie is.”

What’s Next for Julie?

Julie is excited to see where her career at RS&H will take her. She wants to keep moving up into management and continue to grow and learn with the company.

“It’s been really rewarding,” said Julie. “I’m proud to be called an RS&Her.”

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