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As RS&H Celebrates Founders’ Day, a Son Rediscovers His Father

February 14, 2019      

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As RS&H celebrates Founders’ Day on Feb. 14, we recognize those who laid the foundation for RS&H to grow into the flourishing company that it is today.

Mac Huddleston.

Founders’ Day gives us a time to reflect on what makes RS&H special – our associates. Our rich history and continuous passion for our work shows in the way RS&H has made an imprint in the lives of past and current employees and their families.

Paul “Mac” Huddleston, an original employee and Chairman of RS&H, is one of many associates whose legacy has lived on years after his passing. Through the many projects he provided engineering services for, including the Fuller Warren Bridge and Jacksonville Expressway, Mac has made a lasting impact in the Jacksonville community.

Mac became an RS&H employee when the partnership was formed in 1941. As an Army Reserve officer, he was swept into active duty soon after Pearl Harbor and served as an ordnance officer in the European Theater until late 1945.

He rejoined RS&H when he returned home to Jacksonville and was made a partner in the early 1950s.

Mac Huddleston.

Documenting a Legacy

Mike Huddleston, Mac’s son, recently welcomed his first grandson into the family. He’s named after his great-grandfather.

“My daughter named him Mac for my dad, but I got to thinking that he’ll never know my dad or what that name is about,” Mike said.

With that in mind, Mike and his sister, Pat, are putting together a biography of Mac. That way, his great-grandkids can get to know him through the memories and photos included in his memoir.

“He had an interesting life, in an interesting time,” Mike said of his father. “And so here I am doing my research.”

Mike recently stopped by RS&H’s Jacksonville home office in search of photos of his father.

“Not too many people stop and think about doing something like this for their dad,” Mike said. “I’m sure that there are lots of people who have family members that they don’t even know about.”

Once Mike completes Mac’s biography, he plans to gift a copy to RS&H.

“The book will go on the shelf so that his great-grandkids can go through it,” Mike said. “I will have narratives and anecdotes from his kids. This won’t be a traditional biography.”

‘Solid as a Rock’

As Mike searched through photos of past associates and projects, he told stories of his father’s time at RS&H and the love that he had for the company.

“My dad was one of those who helped build RS&H, and it meant a lot to him,” Mike said. “RS&H was more than a job for dad; it was his life. Most of his friends were RS&H guys.”

That includes RS&H co-founder George Hills.

“Mr. Hills lived on the Skinner’s property [where the RS&H office stands today] and we used to go hunting with all these wonderful RS&H guys. They were old Florida good ol’ boys who were solid as a rock. And Mr. Hills was one of them.”

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