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Visualization Lead Nurtures Strategic Partnership, Innovative Technology

March 2, 2021      

Tags: Aviation, Our People

Partnerships across RS&H are key to collaborative innovation and growth. One of the main drivers of that critical collaboration is Chris Gallop, visualization production manager.

As a part of Communications, Marketing and Strategy (CMS), Chris and his team work alongside associates across the company to exceed client expectations with cutting-edge technology.

A strong visual designer with a natural instinct for navigating multiple projects, Chris has worked to cultivate strong relationships across the company, while also leading future-focused design methods.

Leveraging Technology for New Opportunities

The typical process begins when a project team approaches the visualization team with their planned designs for a pursuit. The visualization team then creates a final product that not only looks photo-realistic but also tells the story from a relational perspective for the audience.

The 3D renderings created by Chris’ team move 2D designs off paper, giving potential clients the ability to truly see the full breadth of what RS&H can offer.

When RS&H is selected by a client, the teams work together to revise the existing visualizations with more finalized designs for client buyoff.

Chris has also found an incredible benefit in visualizing how aspects of the design would interact with the surrounding environment early in the process, which helps refine designs further.

“Sometimes as we’re creating a 3D rendering, we find that certain details won’t quite work as the designer intended,” said Chris. “So, the process becomes a really great opportunity to explore further, more effective design iterations before taking it to the client.”

The need for 3D renderings doesn’t stop in the pursuit phase. Chris and his team take it many steps further by offering the public a realistic look at what their cities’ infrastructure may transform into.

“By incorporating visualizations into public involvement meetings, the people within a community are typically more receptive toward the changes,” said Chris. “They’re more easily able to wrap their heads around the project, which is a major plus for the stakeholders.”

But as public involvement meetings ground to a halt amid the COVID-19 pandemic, project teams were forced to think differently about methods of gaining public input.

For Chris and his team, it was just another opportunity to innovate.

Public Involvement Becomes a Virtual Reality

The visualization team mission was tasked to create a aviation virtual public engagement space, it hadn’t yet been done before.

When associates in the Aviation Practice came to the visualization team with the mission to create a virtual public engagement space in June 2020, it hadn’t yet been done before.

The ask was ambitious. The Aviation team needed to create a virtual room for the first Centennial Airport Master Plan public information meeting.

While daunting at first, Chris and the team partnered with Aviation to bring a completely immersive virtual room to life, leveraging existing innovations and also exploring what could be done with 3D visualizations.

“Together, we honed in on the content and helped unlock the potential of the room,” said Kelsey Reeves, Aviation planner. “We’ve even worked together since that time to evolve the process for multiple master plan projects including large-hub airports like Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE).”

The results of the virtual room spoke volumes about the direction of public involvement and the key role that Chris and his team played in its advancement.

The Aviation project team saw positive results with nearly four times the number of participants in the virtual setting compared to the prior in-person meeting.

“The virtual room is not going away,” said Kelsey. “Chris and his team are making that possible.”

The Future of Visualization

The visualization team has grown quickly under Chris’ leadership – in numbers and advancement in design capabilities.

Even with growing demand, Chris is dedicated to his team first.

“His experience with managing large teams means he’s not only great at managing project timelines, needs, and budgets – he’s also a great manager of people,” said Ian McRobbie, visualization specialist. “While projects are a high priority, the well-being of his team is priority one.”

Together, the team has explored new skills to creating renderings that heighten our standing in the industry and differentiate RS&H from the competition.

With RS&H’s evolution, Chris will also continue to drive innovation for our teams, clients and the communities we serve.

To learn more about using visualizations to communicate your design concepts, visit our visualization services page. 

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