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RS&H Voices: Ozzie Gonzalez

March 20, 2023      By Raegan Blackburn

Tags: Awards, Our People

Ozzie Gonzalez has been with RS&H for six years as an Aviation Engineer in our Dallas, Texas, office. He has accomplished a lot in his time here, most notably, his role as the production lead for a runway rehabilitation project for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Ozzie has a forward-looking perspective, but he recognizes the importance of putting his best effort into his current role. He believes that hard work in the present will lead to future success.

Ozzie Gonzalez infographic

Why do you like working with RS&H?

I enjoy the people the most. I came here because of the relationships I formed with key leaders, both Steven Creamer and Elliot Neph. Through the interview process and getting to know the culture, it aligned with what I was looking for in a company. Those two mentors have been instrumental in my development – as coworkers and friends – giving me good advice on how to handle situations at work and in life.

What is your biggest accomplishment while at RS&H?

Being the production lead on the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Runway 18R-36L Rehabilitation project. It was our first large project for the airport. There were a lot of long nights and weekends, but being able to see the project from start to finish was a really special highlight of my career.

photo of associate on runway

How have you grown professionally?

The mentors surrounding me have given me enough independence and trust. I’ve been given opportunities to dabble in areas that don’t exactly fall under my job title but prepared me for the future. For example, I helped with project management early in my career, which gave me a jumpstart on those skills. I was able to learn good habits early on and what it takes to be a great project manager.

What aspects of your role excite you the most?

Being a partner and advisor to our client excites me. A lot of what we do is like a puzzle, and I enjoy collaborating on how all the pieces work together. It’s all about looking at the big picture and helping the client make informed decisions.

What parts of our company mission, vision, or values do you resonate with the most?

We all take ownership and pride in our projects. And that leads to a lot of our key values. But grit resonates heavily with me and the Dallas office. We may have tough schedules and timelines sometimes, but as a team, we’re able to work through it and push through it together. There’s no one left behind; we’re all in it together.

3 men on runway

What is a go-to break you take during the day to re-energize?

I brought a ten-foot putting green into the office. To get our minds off work, we’ll putt a couple of balls. Sometimes, we’ll do the Wordle for the day and have a little in-office competition to see who can do it the fastest with the least number of tries.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

I have two kids that I enjoy focusing my time on. We’re always at the park, zoo, or somewhere my toddlers can have a fun experience. I also am a big soccer fan and enjoy watching and playing. We play recreational soccer as an office, and I’m really looking forward to the season starting up again soon.

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