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RS&H Elevate Fund Helps 12 Nonprofit Organizations Advance Their Missions

July 21, 2021      

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The RS&H Elevate Fund exists to support the missions of nonprofit organizations that are making a positive difference in the lives of people and the planet. Part of the fund goes towards supporting organizations nominated and selected by RS&H employees.

In this funding cycle, we are excited to give $50,724 to 12 organizations in support of helping them advance their courageous and incredibly important missions.

Meet the 12 Recipients of Our Most Recent Funding Cycle

Brain Injury Network of Dallas (BIND): Funds will go toward “Work Readiness,” a BIND program based on the personal social adjustment training concept developed by the Texas Workforce Commission. Covering topics across a 10-12-week period, the training offers each participant a clear future employment plan building from their individual skills. After completing the program, participants emerge with well-rounded strengths that directly translate to the work setting.

Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Education Foundation: The Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School provides a rigorous classroom curriculum and a wide-ranging field study program for high school students through hands-on interactive activities. Funds from Elevate will go toward the students’ trip to an island whose small population depends on the fishing industry for survival. Fostering observation and data skills, the trip allows students a dynamic experience to kickstart careers in the STEM field.

Colorado Railroad Museum: Honoring a long and storied history is at the center of the Colorado Railroad Museum’s mission and actions. Elevate funds will go toward the restoration of the last surviving Colorado and Southern Railway narrow gauge stock car, the only remaining example of a turn-of-the-century design. After an extensive rebuilding process, the car will be restored as a valuable historic artifact.

Florida Engineering Foundation: To combat the widening gap in education between students with and without access to technology, funds will go toward the installation of standalone public hotspot towers to provide internet access across the state. Low-income families were disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and faced significant challenges around distance learning. Funds will aid in ensuring that small communities have equitable access to the vital resource.

GiGi’s Playhouse, Down Syndrome Achievement Centers: GiGi’s Playhouse is centered around the education of individuals with down syndrome. With programs dedicated to all ages, the organization celebrates purposeful progressions rather than developmental milestones, which can come in a different order for children and adults with down syndrome. Elevate funds will go toward a three-level math tutoring program, built upon proven teaching methods.

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council: A past grant recipient, the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council’s mission is to continue building the pipeline of female STEM leaders. To do this, the Council will host a virtual STEM weeklong camp session, introducing the girls to engineering, computer science, cybersecurity and more. Through a mailed STEM camper kit and the ability to form connections with subject matter experts, the virtual experience will allow girls across North Florida to engage with STEM despite COVID-19.

K9s for Warriors: This organization sets out to end veteran suicide by connecting warriors with service dogs trained to the highest standards. For veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Military Sexual Trauma (MST), the service dogs empower them to return to civilian life. Funds from the grant go toward a three-week training program with skilled oversight and lifetime services for graduates including crisis support, legal advocacy and more at no cost to the veterans.

MATHCOUNTS Competition: The MATHCOUNTS competition brings together eager middle school students across Northeast Florida, ready to put their math skills to the test after a year of training. The “mathletes” compete in the annual competition for a chance to win, but each student leaves with a nurtured passion for STEM. Funds from the Elevate Grant go toward supporting all that goes into ensuring the competition lives on.

Pace Center for Girls, Jacksonville: The Pace Center for Girls provides a safe space for young girls ages 11-18 to continue their education and receive needed counseling in the face of past or current trauma. Funds from Elevate ensure that the girls have access to laptops, along with the opportunity to continue learning and growing.

Texas 4000 for Cancer: Contributions from this Elevate Fund grant go toward supporting a community of student leaders dedicated to the fight against cancer. Texas 4000 members support and drive progress toward cancer care, research and education. Their cornerstone event, a 4,000-mile bike ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska, raises awareness and furthers the vision of student leaders creating a cancer-free future.

The Heroes Journey: The Heroes Journey organization engages veterans to learn from storytellers and narrative coaches to powerfully communicate their potential contributions. Elevate funds go toward two-day narrative workshops that educate veterans in developing interview skills for employment, as well their own personal narratives – an experience that is both healing and empowering.

UNC Health Children’s Newborn Critical Care Center: The Newborn Critical Care Center provides acute care for more than 750 infants a year. Often, due to the nature of care needed, infants in the center for long periods experience delayed development. To aid in this, the Elevate grant funds developmental products such as swings, toys and high chairs, allowing infants the chance to grow similarly to how they might in the home environment.

At the center of Elevate’s investments is a mission to support impactful community organizations – moving the needle in ways big and small. As the opportunities to do so expand, be sure to stay updated on our community involvement news. 

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