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Elevate Fund Assists in Students’ Theatre Dreams

July 1, 2019      

Tags: Community Involvement, Our People

RS&H and Elevate logo.

An RS&H Corporate architect located in the Jacksonville office, Kimberly Gilliam was thrilled that Theatre Jacksonville received a grant from the Elevate Fund.

RS&H has a rich history with Theatre Jacksonville. Founding principal Ivan H. Smith was the architect of Theatre Jacksonville’s historic 1938 facility in San Marco Square, and several RS&H associates have served on the Board of Directors over the years.

Theatre Jacksonville’s mission is to enrich lives and broaden cultural understanding through community participation in theatre arts.

Theatre Jacksonville fulfills its mission through presenting plays and programs of noted artistic excellence, supporting volunteers and students with exceptional training and educational opportunities, and allowing for the development of unique and/or original performance projects and events by Florida artists.

Kimberly, who has been volunteering with Theatre Jacksonville since 2012, has donated over 200 hours of her time to various projects, including the renovation of the theater’s bathrooms as well as on stage for rehearsals and performances. She has also served as a board member since 2018.

“Theatre Jacksonville is celebrating their 100th Season later this year,” said Kimberly. “As an architect, I am honored to be celebrating with them by providing guidance on building maintenance and improvements, as well as a planned commemoration within their historic facility.”

RS&H Elevate Fund Helps Students Attend Summer Camp

Theatre Jacksonville is the most recent organization to receive funding from the RS&H Elevate Fund, which was launched last year to help nonprofit organizations.

The donation to Theatre Jacksonville will help 10 children attend the summer camp program. With the $5,300 donation, the children will attend one of two sessions of the summer camp.

The summer camp sessions allow the students to attend acting, musical theatre, dance, and improvisation classes which provides a safe and enriching environment through which to gain confidence, enhance their communication skills, and learn about teamwork. These classes help prepare them to audition for and perform in an original show at the end of each camp session.

Stories Come Alive

Imagine yourself on stage immersed in a role, bringing the audience into a world you helped to create. Theatre Jacksonville’s education program allows children to experience this wonderful feeling.

This year’s production, YTINU, an island-themed musical written and directed by staff and campers, will mark the 99th season of Theatre Jacksonville. Students who participated in the summer camp are encouraged to audition for the musical and use their learned skills. Kimberly had the opportunity to perform in the production of Pride and Prejudice during its 97th season in 2016, and this year she is able to experience this magical moment with her daughter, Chloe.

“I was able to experience theater from the stage and help create the magic that brings a story to life in Pride and Prejudice. This is an indescribable feeling that I can now share with Chloe. This experience has made us both respect the arts and what Theatre Jacksonville provides to our community,” said Kimberly.

Learn more about the RS&H Elevate Fund.

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