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  • Vehicle Assemble Building.
  • Vehicle Assemble Building.

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Vehicle Assembly Building

For over 55 years the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has been a mission-critical focus at RS&H. At 3,664,883 cubic meters, the VAB is the one of the largest (by volume) facilities in the world, uniquely designed to support assembly and integration of NASA’s massive launch vehicles and spacecraft for America’s Human Spaceflight programs.

RS&H is honored to be a continuing part of the designs and modifications of KSC’s infrastructure as the Space Launch Systems Program prepares our nation’s Astronauts and spacecraft to return to space. Our most recent design projects range from upgrades and hurricane hardening of the building’s exterior, to replacement of the 230,000 square feet of roof system 525 feet above grade in compliance with new wind loads, to restoring, hardening and revitalizing the 40 plus years of wear and tear of the large exterior vertical and horizontal door systems used to allow spacecraft and launch vehicles entry and exit of the VAB, to leading the design studies and requirements for the upgrades for the 350 ton overhead crane systems used to lift and handle the critical flight hardware elements during assembly and integration.

One our most recent project our Architects and Engineers studied and designed the advanced concept work access platforms currently being installed in High Bay 3 in support of stacking and integration of the new Space Launch System, generation of launch vehicles and Orion spacecraft and satellites. These platforms provide the ultimate flexibility beyond any other in the industry, saving significant time and money during the lifecycle of the program.