• Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank.
  • Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank.
  • Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank.
  • Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank.

Project Details

Description Environmental
Mitigation Banking
Location Liberty County, TX
Client Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group, Inc.


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Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank

In order to preserve areas currently containing high-quality bottomland hardwood habitat, Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank in Liberty County, Texas, is a 1,000-acre wetland that is in need of permitting. RS&H is performing environmental permitting services for the bank, which includes a project prospectus, wetland delineation and jurisdictional determination, functional assessment, agency coordination, and preparation of a mitigation banking instrument.

The project also aims to restore wetland vegetation to areas affected by silvicultural activities. In addition, the team is working to re-establish a hydrologic connection to currently non-jurisdictional, isolated wetlands through construction of berms and wetland swales.

To guide efforts moving forward, the team utilized Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR) data, historical aerial photography, and field measurements to develop an ecologically-sound conceptual mitigation plan that maximizes wetland credit generation and is favorable to involved agencies. Using this conceptual mitigation plan, our team was able to demonstrate the potential profitability of the bank, allowing Forestar to move the project forward with confidence.