• Taleo Corporation Headquarters.
  • Taleo Corporation Headquarters.
  • Taleo Corporation Headquarters.
  • Taleo Corporation Headquarters.

Project Details

Description Corporate
Corporate Workplace
Program Management
Interior Design
Client/Owner Taleo Corporation (Formally Vurv Technologies)
Size 40,500 SF


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Taleo Corporation Headquarters

Taleo is a young and dynamic company which was seeking a workplace that combined high tech capabilities with a fun environment to inspire creativity and to project a strong corporate image. Taleo requested that the design incorporate the use of curvilinear elements to create a feeling of flow and movement throughout the 40,500-square-foot, two-story space.

This project was an interior renovation for a software development company. Work included relocating walls to expand the space, cutting an opening for an architectural steel stair to provide connection between the lobby and second floor administrative spaces. The project provided for 334 workstations, executive offices, a corporate boardroom, conference rooms, accounting offices, sales and marketing offices, software development, and customer service workstations.

The floor plan is an open concept with glass-front offices along some of the perimeter walls. The exposed steel structure above (formerly black) was painted white to reflect light within the space.

The vibrant color scheme played a key role in achieving an energetic and inspiring working environment.  Free flowing flooring designs deliver curves and movement from one space to another. The use of an organic, modular workstation system was chosen to achieve curvilinear forms within the space.

The design was successful in fulfilling the client’s request for a work environment that would provide a strong corporate image and promote staff innovation and creativity.