• Map showing the sector plan for southwestern Chatham county.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Urban & Regional Planning
Location Chatham County, GA
Client Chatham County – Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission


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Southwestern Chatham County Sector Plan

Under a General Planning Consultant contract to the Chatham County – Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission, RS&H developed a sector plan for the southwestern region of the county. The sector area included several large master-planned communities, including New Hampstead, a 6,000-acre Development of Regional Impact with an expected 12,000 units of residential development at build-out. RS&H assessed the existing transportation and land-use conditions to determine any existing deficiencies and the infrastructure needed to support future demand.

To assess the future conditions, RS&H developed build-out projections based on the planned development. RS&H also determined the location of future residential and commercial uses based on the existing comprehensive plan, as well as input from the project stakeholders. Using the build-out scenario, RS&H analyzed the transportation infrastructure and identified the infrastructure needed to meet the future demand. This assessment included the potential for transit and the expansion of any existing transit service.

The final sector plan included phased recommendations, as well as the identification of a variety of funding options. The recommendations included the development of transportation and land-use policies, regulations, and improvement plans needed to prepare for and support this growing region. RS&H developed roadway standards and classifications for the sector area transportation network, including right-of-way needs and standards, as well as potential coordination with existing utility rights-of-way. In addition to addressing the mobility needs within the area, this effort also established a framework and template for access management, pedestrian, and bicycle connectivity.