Project Description

  • Arf19
  • Arf Arial Site

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Manufacturing, Processing & Assembly Buildings
Location Kennedy Space Center, FL
Client NASA


John C. Kercsmar, PE

Leslie J. Lake
Business Development

Solid Rocket Motor Production and Refurbishment Facility

RS&H provided site development, permitting, master planning preliminary engineering design. final design and construction surveillance of a $ 57 million, 200,000-square-foot industrial facility to refurbish the nose cone and aft-skirt sections of the NASA Space Shuttle’s reusable solid rocket boosters.

Special safety considerations were required in the design of the robotic spray booths, structures, material handling, equipment arrangements and waste disposal involving hypergolic fuels, solid propellants and explosives.

Facilities included:

  • Manufacturing building
  • Radiographic inspection building
  • Aft skirt test facility
  • Two test cells
  • GN2 and breathing air systems
  • E&A building