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Description Environmental
Indoor Air Quality
Location Continental U.S.


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School Microbial Sampling & Remediation

Poor indoor air quality influences productivity, attendance, and potentially the health of building occupants. Even the perception of bad air quality may result in concerned teachers and parents or potentially bad publicity.

When perceived air quality issues became a significant concern at a school, RS&H moved quickly to gather data to manage risk and alleviate teacher concerns. The team collected measurements and microbial samples to evaluate air quality. Results indicated ventilation was the primary issue of concern. RS&H recommended low-cost improvements to increase makeup air to improve air quality.

RS&H also confirmed suspected microbial issues in several areas. RS&H prepared microbial remediation protocols to protect occupants and guide contractors during cleanups, documented successful completion of remedial efforts, then sampled to confirm improved air quality prior to classes re-occupying the rooms. RS&H’s remediation protocol and presence on site resulted in a timely resolution and return to normal class conditions for students, teachers, and staff.