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Project Details

Description Environmental
Mitigation Banking
Location Cherokee County, TX
Client/Owner Forestar Real Estate Group


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Raccoon Pond Mitigation Bank Feasibility

Forestar Real Estate Group decided in 2011 to develop Raccoon Pond Mitigation Bank, a 2,592-acre tract of land into a stream and wetland mitigation bank in Cherokee County, Texas. RS&H assisted Forestar in determining the project’s feasibility, including whether or not the mitigation bank would generate sufficient credit to offset restoration and enhancement costs, as well as provide a desired rate of return on investment.

RS&H conducted a cursory on-the-ground review along with geospatial analyses of the property and provided Forestar with a competition analysis, wetland maps and vegetation cover maps, conceptual design, and potential credit generation. RS&H is currently reviewing the credit generation method to increase credit availability and revenues. The team is also coordinating with the appropriate agencies to ensure the project’s success.