Port of Miami Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation

Working under contract with Miami-Dade County, RS&H developed a Request for Proposals and design-build criteria package for the Port of Miami to advertise and select a team for the rehabilitation of the bascule railroad bridge that accesses the port. The package detailed design criteria and selection requirements, and also consisted of appendices, exhibits, forms, and reference materials, which together constitute the contract document for rehabilitation of the 2,254-foot-long bridge.

As part of the project, RS&H completed preliminary bridge rehabilitation plans to approximately 50%, and developed special provisions for the repair and cathodic protection of the deteriorating substructure. RS&H developed performance specifications for electrical, mechanical, and structural upgrades, and the removal and disposal of existing lead-based paint. In addition, the team developed requirements for the new structural steel protective coating system. After selection of the design-build team, RS&H provided field and office engineering services throughout construction, testing, and initial operation of the bridge, including:

  • Review of design submittals at 60%, 90%, and final signed and sealed plans and specifications
  • Review and responses to requests for information from the design-build team
  • Review and concurrence on component design, shop drawings, and material submittals
  • Development and execution of an existing concrete piles sampling and testing program for the purpose of a continued annual maintenance program decision-making process for the bridge

Project Details

Description Design-Build
Location Miami, FL
Client/Owner Miami-Dade County


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