Mayo Clinic Destination Health MRI Suite

The Mayo Clinic envisioned a healing space for their new Medical Destination Building MRI Suite. RS&H was then selected to assist in bringing the clients vision to life through the use of biophilia and innovative design concepts. This new MRI Suite included a patient waiting space, changing rooms, infusion room, control room, storage space, two 3T MRI rooms, one 7T MRI room, and one CT MRI rooms.

As part of the design process, the client expressed the need to tie existing concepts into the space to create a holistic approach. With this in mind, the team incorporated conceptual rain forms and existing materiality into the design. Through the use of these materials and lighting design the patient is guided through the space and experiences a welcoming environment during their procedure.

With the patient in mind, this design strives to create a peaceful space where the patient can feel safe and stress free. Through the use of natural forms, reduced lighting, and design concepts the Mayo Clinic’s new MRI Suite is patient-centered, and a welcoming environment.

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