Lisbon International Airport

The architectural design of the terminal is inspired by Portugal’s maritime history, with a series of masts that support rippling sun shades over the concourse. The modern columns are evocative of the masts of the ocean-going vessels that established Portugal as a major influence around the world. The forms of the terminal reinterpret the image with kinetic and floating forms that evoke flight. Sustainable design strategies are an integral part of the design aesthetics. The terminal is designed as a “green” facility, using sun shading, natural air cooling, and radiant cooling to minimize energy consumption. The architecture combines daylight and function, highlighting circulation nodes by an infusion of natural light. People follow light naturally, reinforcing intuitive wayfinding throughout the terminal. That flow of spaces is supported by a changing palette of materials and shapes, making the experience one of continuous discovery and delight.

Project Details

Description Aviation
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Client/Owner Aeroportos de Portugal Lisbon, Portugal


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