LifeLink Foundation Tissue Processing and Banking Facility

Office support areas include offices, conference rooms, quality assurance/quality control team review areas, staff lounge, outdoor seating areas, and donor recognition spaces.

The facility is designed to allow efficient process flows and adheres to FDA and AATB standards. Designed using BIM/Revit software, the user groups were able to see images of the specific spaces and interact with the design process.

The process areas are supported by a mechanical interstitial space above for ease of maintenance. Without compromising the clean rooms below, this interstitial space further strengthens the concept for expansion and adaptability in the future.

The LifeLink Foundation attempts to work sensitively, diligently and compassionately with donor families to facilitate the donation of desperately needed organs and tissues for waiting patients.

“I am proud of the number of lives touched by LifeLink Foundation throughout our 25 years of service. I hope within the next 25 years the critical organ shortage will be resolved. LifeLink will strive towards that goal.”

Project Details

Description Health & Science
BioPharma and Clean Process Facilities
New Facilities
Laboratory Planning & Design
Location Tampa, FL
Client/Owner LifeLink Foundation, Inc.


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