• Land Use Visioning Plan and Proposal Development.
  • Land Use Visioning Plan and Proposal Development.
  • Land Use Visioning Plan and Proposal Development.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Ports & Marine
Location Port Canaveral, FL
Client/Owner Canaveral Port Authority


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Land Use Visioning Plan and Proposal Development

RS&H supported the Canaveral Port Authority with developing an unsolicited Enhanced Use Lease proposal for real estate access on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. In developing this proposal, RS&H served as engineering consultant, providing strategic visioning for the concept, in-depth analysis of the facilities requirements, and document development support. RS&H also acted as a liaison with the 45th Space Wing Air Force staff, Air Force Civil Engineer Center at Lackland Air Force Station staff, and other potential stakeholders.

RS&H provided strategic visioning to the Port to develop the concept for lease of the Air Force parcels. Team members faced the challenge of coordinating with multiple Department of Defense agencies and stakeholders, developing a comprehensive strategy for garnering support, and producing internal and external marketing materials to articulate benefits to stakeholders. RS&H took rudimentary concept sketches and developed clear, easy to understand 3D images to help refine the concept and provide enough detail to move the project forward.

The strategic visioning aspect helped the Port refine the concept for the proposal and develop a comprehensive plan for the future. Our unique understanding of the Department of Defense lease process and ability to develop 3D visioning documents helped the Port refine the concept and then properly craft the message to the Air Force.

Port leadership complimented RS&H on a first-class effort and great work product, and Air Force staff noted that the resulting proposal was comprehensive and well-constructed.